About Aikido Etiquette

Proper observance of etiquette is as much a part of your training as is learning techniques.

  1. When entering the dojo please perform a standing bow to the Kamiza. The same when leaving. Before class begins, approach the mat and perform a kneeling bow toward the Kamiza, then sit with your fellow students.
  2. When sensei demonstrates, sit quietly out of the way and take it in. If there is an extra partner offer to take turns. The extra (third) person should sit in seiza at the edge of the mat and observe while their partners are training. At the end of class straighten your kikogi and line up with your fellow students as before.
  3. Please try to arrive on time and help with the set up. If you are late, wait at the side of the mat until Sensei beckons you on. If you need to leave the mat before class ends just ask Sensei. Always leave or approach the mat in the same manner as above. There is no shame in taking a rest if you are tired. Please rest at the edge of the mat in seiza, but do not sit with your back to the Kamiza. If sitting in seiza is uncomfortable, sit cross-legged.
  4. When you step onto the mat leave the world behind and enter into training with a focused mind and spirit.
  5. Approach your uke (attacker) or nage (thrower) with great care and concentration as this is a martial practice. Train at all times with earnest sincerity and with the utmost of your ability.
  6. Always train within the ability of your partner. Do not practice so as to injure your partner. You are both responsible for each other.
  7. Please be aware at all times of those around you as you take ukemi (falling), or are throwing your partner. Train to develop awareness in all directions.